Delight from start to finish
Revenue Cycle designed for patients

The platform for patient financial care

Closing consumer gaps in patient care

Engaging and personalized experience
- Multiple channels to engage
- Messaging adapting to behavior
- Mobile friendly
- ADA friendly
- Multiple languages
Easy viewing and payment
- One stop to manage family bills
- Bill view integrated into checkout
- Added detail for eBills, patient friendly
Affordable options to pay
- Patient managed payment plans
- Personalized offer matches need
- Checkout links to charity program
Visibility preservice to post
- Understand responsibility start to end
- One system across self-service, staff and agency
- Drill down reporting, individual performance and more

Harness the network effect

of the largest patient financial care digital ecosystem

Make each journey a success

Empower patients from preservice to post

Capture a proven win win

For the patient and their provider

5x ROI

vs industry average


Very Satisfied

(Rev Cycle experience)


Healthcare average

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

2x NPS

vs industry average

"The most surprising thing of all if this is that we were able to increase patient satisfaction with our billing process."
"Our collection rate has actually doubled from the same time last year. My CFO is a very happy man."
"Easiest implementation in my 35 year healthcare career."

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