Rising patient responsibility among the insured is changing the nature of competition in healthcare, bringing cost and the financial experience into the decision-making process for patients seeking care. Beyond deciding if and when to pay their portion, the billing experience is influencing overall patient satisfaction.

Gundersen Health System has committed to transforming its patients’ financial experience. They implemented a cohesive approach to the financial experience across hospital and physician services designed to engage patients with transparency, convenience, and flexibility. Closing traditional blind spots, Gundersen adopted self-service payment as a consumer success metric and now measures satisfaction within their billing and payment experience. Further, the effort aligns strategically with the patient portal to drive usage and enable payment by “guests” while expanding awareness.

Hear Gundersen’s leadership share their innovation vision, implementation insights, and impact on patient satisfaction, staff productivity, cost per payment, and net collections.

After this session, you will be able to::

  • Assess patient interactions during “financial journey” and identify pain points
  • Apply learnings from retail and ecommerce settings to augment patient experience and improve satisfaction
  • Analyze quantitative and qualitative findings from Gundersen unified patient experience platform to track improvements in collections and patient satisfaction
  • Identify best practices to connect disparate departments and platforms under a unified system of incentive and measurement



  • Laurie Hurwitz, Executive Director Revenue Cycle, Gundersen Health System