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Making healthcare consumer friendly

Our story

Simplee, founder of the patient financial care movement, is healthcare’s leading technology platform for engaging patients and addressing affordability with personalized paths to payment. Founded in 2010 and led by a team with roots in consumer experience, financial services and healthcare, Simplee’s mission is to make healthcare consumer-friendly. Simplee’s platform, Peer Reviewed by HFMA, leverages information from billions of patient interactions and proprietary healthcare tuned algorithms to drive a recommendation engine for patient payments and engagement.

Loved by millions of patients, Simplee’s consumer-centric experience helps the largest health systems reach higher levels of patient satisfaction and achieve better financial performance. From pre-service through to post-service, providers use the Simplee platform to offer financial transparency and match patient financial need to with personalized payment plans. With Simplee, patient self service in the registration and financial experience becomes standard rather than the exception. Simplee customers enjoy higher patient satisfaction, lower costs, and better payment success.




Tomer Shoval has a broken patient experience with his family. He co-founds Simplee with Roberto Rabinovich and Tom Tsarfati to make healthcare consumer friendly.



Enterprise Launch
Simplee launches first SaaS software for providers to engage patients, build trust in their bill, and make payment easily. Raised Series A funding and Social Capital joins as an investor.



Platform for Patient Financial Care
Simplee partners with healthcare innovators including Gundersen Health and Memorial Hermann. Raised Series B funding and the Heritage Group joins as an investor.



Simplee partners with top US providers including Adventist, Conifer, Mayo Clinic, and Tenet Health. Raised Series C funding and American Express joins as an investor.



Solving Affordability
Simplee launches personalization product powered by predictive analytics and machine learning to match patients with the right payment option based on their Capacity to Pay score.

Delivering at Scale


Hospitals and Owned Clinics


Engaged Patients

$ 1,500,000,000

Annual Patient Payments

Proven, award-winning platform


Our Leadership

Consumer expertise meets healthcare

  • Tomer Shoval
    Tomer Shoval CEO & Co-founder
  • Roberto Rabinovich
    Roberto Rabinovich COO & Co-founder
  • Tom Tsarfati
    Tom Tsarfati CTO & Co-founder
  • Derick Sutton
    Derick Sutton Chief Financial Officer
  • John Dwight
    John Dwight Chief Marketing Officer
  • Dana Smith
    Dana Smith VP of Customer Success
  • Rudy Rouhana
    Rudy Rouhana VP of Information Security
  • Joel Haferbecker
    Joel Haferbecker VP Services
  • Yufeng Chen
    Yufeng Chen VP Analytics
  • Mike D’Amelio
    Mike D’Amelio Head of Design

Our Investors

From Silicon Valley to Wall Street

  • Harshul Sanghi
    Harshul Sanghi Amex Ventures
  • Kristin Baker Spohn
    Kristin Baker Spohn Social Capital
  • Ted Maidenberg
    Ted Maidenberg Tribe Capital
  • Tilli Kalisky Bannett
    Tilli Kalisky Bannett 83North
  • Paul Wallace
    Paul Wallace Heritage Group