Case Study

Empowering Patients + Lowering Cost

Providing a self service experience that patients love

Executive Summary

Adventist Health System transformed its patient financial care experience by growing
self-service payments by 81% and wowing their customers in the process.

Financial Impact


lower use of early out
(Aug ‘17 vs Aug ‘16)


increase in self-service payments
(since launch)


growth in self-service payments
(Aug ‘17 vs Aug ‘16)

Patient Impact

“I’m very happy with the new experience, the process of payments is easy, quick and also notifies the patients with an automatic email. Looking forward for the upcoming updates.”
S – Simple, I – Impressive, M – Manageable, P – Patient Friendly, L – Logical, E – Exciting, E – Efficient”
“We are competing for the patient’s attention in a really big way. Simplee is our consumer partner with unique expertise and technology to engage patients and enable payment.”


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Happier Patients

I LOVE the consolidated billing!  It came promptly & I didn’t get a run of bills for months and months.

Adventist Health System

It’s a great portal. It’s been the easiest payment experience for hospital bills in my life.

Adventist Health System

So dang easy…. LOVE it

Adventist Health System

I am very grateful that you have allowed… payments on my multiple accounts over the past year. This is very helpful financially.

Adventist Health System

Much easier with the payment option connected to an access code vs. having to log in through my health account. That latter system needs a lot of work …..

Adventist Health System

As pleasant as paying a bill can be!

Adventist Health System

Adventist Health System Details

  • 1973 Adventist Health System was established
  • 46 Hospital campuses operated in nine states
  • 80,000 Employees and physicians
  • 5 Million+ Patients served annually
  • 15 Skilled nursing facilities
  • 22 Home health and hospice agencies
  • Balancing the business: Commercial + Consumer
  • Engagement and understanding
  • Ease and Visibility
  • Affordability
Engagement designed for consumer adoption

Mobile responsive and ADA friendly supporting patients across devices and special needs

Visibility empowering families and guarantors

Better affordability and convenience by offering self-directed payment plans and PayPal

Improved workflow for staff

Lowering costs with more self service

  • 76% Lower use of early out (Aug ‘17 vs Aug ‘16)
  • 33% increase in self-service payments (since launch)
  • 81% Growth in self-service payments (Aug ‘17 vs Aug ‘16)

Consumers LOVE the change

  • 4.6 out of 5 stars (10,802)
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 40 (N=12,258)