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Patient financial communications to capture attention

Patients love

  • Choices matching how they engage
    (eg, paper, email, SMS)
  • Smart campaigns, right message at right time

Hospitals love

  • Optimization for self-service, clear calls-to-action
  • Paper statements that support going paperless
Patient Communication Engine

“Simplee enables us to engage with a significantly higher percentage of our customer base in a more meaningful way.”

Memorial Hermann (Chief Revenue Officer)


Proven transparency to build trust and communicate value

Estimation Bill

Patients love

  • Convenience of online estimates and instant eligibility
  • Detailed statements for all, interactive online
  • Award winning design, patient friendly language

Hospitals love

  • PFS staff tools that simplify support of patients
  • Multiple language support

“Simplee enables patient confidence at every stage in a patient’s medical journey. Patient satisfaction improved dramatically…”

Penn Medicine – Lancaster General (Director of Patient Access)


Easy experience, tailored path to payment

Patients love

  • Few clicks and done: laptop, tablet, mobile
  • Convenience of online payment plans and IVR

Hospitals love

  • Shift from assisting basics to exception handling
  • Workflow designed for common patient requests
    (eg, SameViewTM of bill, payment history and receipt, update insurance details)

“I got one of our bills and paid it in only 7 seconds on my phone. It was awesome!”

Gundersen Health System (Patient)


Visibility driving satisfaction and productivity

Simplee Analytics

Patients love

  • Better patient experience, driven by Big Data analytics
  • Opportunity to share feedback, quickly and easily

Hospitals love

  • Performance analytics across patient revenue cycle
  • Insights into drivers of engagement and loyalty

“An astronomical amount of people are paying their bill online, through their portal, phones and handheld devices without ever even talking to us.”

Director of Revenue Cycle, Kaweah Delta Health Care District


Simplee Estimate

Attract and build trust from the beginning of the patient financial journey. Our cost estimate module ensures you educate patients and show how you are different. Setting expectations early and building relationships is key to healthcare consumers, and we’re here to help.

Simplee Pay

Raise satisfaction and lower costs with smart, coordinated communication across devices to ensure patients know what they owe and why. Our self-service billing and payments platform drives better understanding and more collections, sooner.

Simplee Credit

Expand access and improve cash with friendly financing options throughout the patient journey. We increase payment convenience while decreasing the financial burden for both patients and providers.

See how Simplee can transform your patient financial experience

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