Adapting to rising patient responsibility is a significant challenge facing most providers. For decades the focus was on collecting from payers. Revenue collection was wholesale in nature with invoices going to enterprises and governmental offices. During this past decade of rapid changes, traditional revenue cycle has been slow to adapt to consumer differences. Successful patient collection and increasing patient satisfaction are becoming pressing needs.

This webinar outlines how ValleyCare Health Systems launched a successful, consumer-friendly billing program and achieved instant results both improving collections and increasing patient satisfaction. This webinar also examines the role of paper in ValleyCare’s new paperless strategy. Finally, this webinar discusses how self-service payment, patient feedback, and other analytics act as key performance indicators for measuring the success of the patient revenue cycle.

After this webinar you’ll be able to:

  • Understand consumer friendly billing and ways to shift patient revenue cycle from wholesale to retail
  • Create a paperless billing strategy where paper functions as a gateway to self-service payment
  • Identify barriers and align incentives for the rapid adoption of self-service payments



  • Cindy Rudow, FHFMA, Director of Patient Financial Services
  • Tomer Shoval, CEO & Co-founder, Simplee