Profound changes in patient responsibility are prompting a new look at the patient revenue cycle.

This presentation summarizes how El Camino Hospital developed a consumer-friendly experience for its patient billing that drove rapid self-service adoption and increased patient satisfaction. The webinar benchmarks common healthcare billing practices versus consumer best practices, including paper bills, payment plans, and online payments.

Webinar presenters will discuss the need to prioritize areas where healthcare providers can make improvements by applying a consumer lens. Presenters will summarize the paperless billing technology, process innovations it involved, and which proved more valuable than others. Focus will be on establishing self-assessment criteria so others may gauge applicability of a high-engagement, self-service model to their organization.

After this webinar you’ll be able to:

  • Describe the changing role of revenue cycle as patients become consumers.
  • Build a consumer-centric framework for increasing patient engagement in your revenue cycle practices.
  • Identify barriers and pitfalls to adoption of self-service payments, and the link with consumer-friendly billing.
  • Evaluate processes changes needed for successful roll-out of paperless billing.
  • Assess ROI and applicability of self-service payment models for other organizations.


  • Ned Borgstrom, Former CFO, El Camino Hospital
  • Tomer Shoval, CEO and Co-Founder, Simplee